Certificate of Honor on the Company's Anniversary

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart Region, represented by its President Marjoke Breuning and its Chief Executive Johannes Schmalzl, congratulates Fichtner on the company's anniversary and awards the honorary certificate of the CCI in recognition of its achievements for the benefit of the local economy.

In 1922, the history of Fichtner began in what was then Czechoslovakia as a small, owner-managed engineering firm initially specializing in the design and acceptance measurement of steam boilers.

Since the Second World War, Fichtner has grown steadily, expanded its portfolio, become increasingly international and developed into an international group with over 1800 employees worldwide and locations in 60 countries.

(Photo, from left to right: Matthias Heinz, Marjoke Breuning, Georg Fichtner, Dr. Andrea Fichtner, Dr. Andreas Weidler, Johannes Schmalzl)