Project development support - Green hydrogen production

Project development support - Green hydrogen production

Fichtner was contracted in 2019 to assist in the development of business models and a generic pre-feasibility for power-to-gas in combination with gas storages. A combination of PV and electrolysis shall be developed at a chosen location. Therefore, both systems are to be sized in the pre-feasibility study. In addition, the study will evaluate the economic efficiency and provide an assessment of the regulatory framework including feed-in tariffs of PV electricity. Furthermore, tentative price quotations shall be obtained in order to further substantiate the economic assessment.

Our Services

  • Defining the boundary conditions
  • Developing of an integrated concept of the two plants
  • Detail engineering: plant design of PV and Power-to-gas
  • Identifying funding opportunities

Technical Data

  • Power-to-gas
  • Storage