Green Ammonia Production Plants for Southern Europe, South America and Africa

Fichtner and Proton Ventures are conducting a feasibility study for a multinational energy corporation for green hydrogen/ammonia production facilities at various locations throughout the world. The feasibility study will define the feasibility of a green ammonia production plant in Southern Europe, as well as explore other locations in South America and Africa.

The green ammonia plant will be fed with green hydrogen produced by electrolyzers which will be powered by renewable energy. The green ammonia produced could be used in the countries as well as exported to markets with a large ammonia, hydrogen or energy demand.

“This project fits perfectly with the EU strategy of moving forward on energy transition. The objective is to accelerate the European efforts to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors by having green hydrogen production and associated products,” the client says.

“As a pioneer in the green ammonia industry for more than 20 years, Proton Ventures considers this to be a great opportunity to further develop the business. Together with our partner Fichtner, we have the right team in place to contribute to the transition towards green ammonia for the chemical and sustainable energy industry.” – Kevin Kardux, Manager Sales Engineering at Proton Ventures.

“During the last 30 years in which we have worked in hydrogen, it has been a niche sector. It is exciting to see how hydrogen is now rapidly reshaping how energy is transformed, transported and consumed. This project is a great example of how hydrogen can become a global commodity in the fight against climate change. We are therefore excited about the opportunity to contribute to its success.” – Matthias Schlegel, Head of Hydrogen at Fichtner.

All the stakeholders involved consider this project to be a great opportunity to contribute to the energy transition with the possibility to evolve towards more green hydrogen/ammonia initiatives and opportunities in the near future.